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Darkskies is the name that I program under.  It's meant to be a small 'company' that does thing such as web development, system's maintenance, and program coding

Personally I maintain a small home network with 5 windows pc's, and a Linux 2.4 router that also does network address translation so that we can all use the net at the same time.  The box hosts apache, squid, samba, dhcp, dns and also does traffic shaping using in kernel traffic shaping, iproute2 and Linux netfilter.  I've built several scripts so that maintaining the box is easy. I'm so trying to test modem sharing (yes that's two modems dialing up at once) except I just havn't got around to it yet.

I've developed the Windows 2000 patches for Transport Tycoon for Windows.  Go visit the official ttdpatch page.

I've been playing with IPv6.  Linux kernel now supports IPv6! Works beautifully with Linux and Win2k.  I've tested tunnelbroker.net, freetnet6.net, and ipng.org.uk as tunnel brokers. In addition I wrote an endpoint auto-updater script for tunnelbroker.net.  I'm hoping to get an IPv6 endpoint with unix.za.net.  I now also have a script written to update domains on Secondary.com.

Recently I've also been on the development team for Open Box Software.  They're primarily involved with offshore software development of .net projects.

In the next few months I will be involved with my thesis ("IPv6 routing architecture, CPU vs FPGA"), so expect a few links here soon