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UCT is an awesome campus. Nowhere else do you get the view we get, oh yea, and itís got a good engeering faculty as well. I'm doing Electrical and Computer Engineering; intending to majoy in Engineering and Computer Science. I've finished third year at the end of 2001.

I'm the founder of the SETI@home group for UCT, read up more about it here


Computers are my first love. Programming is second nature to me and I find it easy to just think of how a program should work. Iím slowly becoming a better gamer but I'm much more of a programmer. I use the internet as much as i can, and Iím also developing this web site, duh! Yes, IRC is addictive. My nick is Groundy. I normally hang out on zanet.org, zanet.net, lagnet, channel #cape_town, #5fm, or #saints, #linux, #trivia_game. I prefer to use pIrch not mIrc. I feel it has a slighly nicer look and feel.  I might be swapping to ViRC though.


Believe it or not I have been programming since grade 2!!! My programming history is as follows: Logo --> Basic --> QuickBasic --> dBase --> Lotus Macros --> Assembler --> Visual Basic --> Turbo Pascal --> C++ --> Java, cool huh???

I've written several projects since.  You can review them under the programming section on this website.  They were written in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Pascal and others, .  I almost never use QuickBasic anymore but I'm still fluent in Pascal and Visual Basic, and I'm trying to learn Visual C++ at the moment; I have a few small programs in it but no large programs as such.  In addition to that there's Java, which i had to learn it as part of my computer science course at UCT.  Check out what projects i'm busy with at the moment


My favourite subjects were: Computer Science - surprize!, Science (physics and chemistry) and Maths. English was cool, when Iím in the mindset I can write some cool essays, I also liked Geographical Geography, i.e. map-work. I played water-polo and hockey

I wrote the computer olympiad.  Standard 9, I managed to get in the top 26 in the country. During Matric I managed the top 17 in the country and I went to Cape Town in October!!! Anyway just that I participated is cool enough.

I also wrote Maths and Science olympiads. Most of the time I managed to get to second rounds, but nothing seemed to happen after that.